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purely delicious foods for your family table.

from our table to yours

Family is the cornerstone of everything we do. Eating a meal together at the family table is fun, it's joyful and gives us all a time to connect in a busy world.

This first line of products we created for Julia’s table Pure Foods are all top 8 and top 7 allergen free. They are inspired by Nate’s mom, Julia who has struggled with celiac disease her whole life. Julia’s wish was to be able to eat just like everyone else at the table.” Nate remembers his dad piling the kids in the car to the drive-thru after a meal because so much of the foods available back then were “dry, like cardboard.” 


All of Julia’s table free & pure foods have been given the happy seal of approval by Nate’s mom Julia. She has tasted and is thrilled with every one of the products in this line.


We are so excited to share our new products including Keto gluten-free, Everyday gluten-free and Organic (launching in 2022)!


Our growing range of foods

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Allergen Free

+ Gluten Free

Free from: wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, shellfish, fish & always non-gmo.

*our wraps contain soy


Keto +

Gluten Free

Net 1 carb treats. Free from: wheat, sugar, grains and always non-gmo.


*our Keto cookies contain: dairy, eggs & tree nuts



Gluten Free

Certified gluten free celebration treats. Always non-gmo

*Our cakes contain: eggs, dairy & tree nuts





Coming in 2022!

Meet our Founders


Headquartered in Salt Lake City,  Co-founders Nate Fisher & Linsey Charlton are native Utahans who embrace Utah's culture and shared family values.


We promise Julia’s table Pure Foods, are purely delicious and purposely developed to bring everyone together at your family table.

Nate & Linsey

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Family is at  the cornerstone of everything we do.

Family meals matter to us

Nate and Linsey are long time friends and native Utahans with a mad love for all the natural beauty their state has to offer. They grew up surrounded by agriculture, farms, mountains, rivers, streams and the Great Salt Lake in their backyard. Early on Nate and Linsey each joined into their family food and shipping businesses. Fast forward to today, they started thinking about how they could make a difference, and bring clean, plant-based, non GMO foods into the food system. Nate started working on the creation of Julia’s table Pure Foods and Linsey put his wizard hat on to make it all happen. 

Nate’s mom, Julia, struggled growing up with celiac disease and she always said “I just want to be able to eat like everyone else at the table.” Nate wanted to tackle making great tasting food that is also allergen free. He and Linsey built a team of expert bakers, wrap masters and cookie gurus to create a line of products that are happy, taste great and are free & pure. So,  Julia’s table Pure Foods was born with Nate’s mom Julia as the inspiration for the first line of allergen free foods. 


Nate’s vision is simple –

Julia’s table Pure Foods will taste good with every bite, so you can feel good at every meal.

~ with love from our families to yours ~


Nate & family


Linsey & family

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